Certifications & Environment

Ezio Ghiringhelli SpA offers certified services, inspection and auditing which means it can help its clients to deal with the increasingly demanding market requests.

Sustainability: this is the compatibility between development, resources management and consumption, respectful of a balanced distribution between today’s needs and those of future generations.

It’s related to the production processes specially selected in order to minimize environmental impact and to produce efficiently, thereby decreasing consumption. It’s the new frontier of the modern world that wants to guarantee a future to planet Earth. It’s a production philosophy that Europe considers to be fundamental, whilst other countries (in particular developing countries seeking mainly to minimise production costs) may tend to neglect or totally ignore.
In order to work in a “sustainable” way, Ezio Ghiringhelli Spa is involved in raw materials selection (basically certified artificial fibers),in using modern machinery in order to minimize energetic consumption, in choosing and testing colorants and chemical products utilized in the dyeing and finishing phases, in managing the best water purification procedures with the aim of avoiding pollution and of reducing at the lowest possible level the production of depuration muds.

Certified manmade fibers:
FSC (Controlled Wood Standards)
ZDHC (Zero Discharge Hazardous Chemicals Program) 

We are updated and qualified to the regulation Oeko-Tex Standard 100.